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What is a url protocol

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what a is url protocol

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URI schemes are frequently and incorrectly referred to as "protocols", or specifically as URI protocols or URL protocols, since most were originally designed to These strings are short names followed by the three characters '://' (a simple naming convention to denote a protocol definition). For definitive information on URL syntax and semantics, see "Uniform Resource Identifiers The first portion of the URL (http) designates the protocol that is used to locate the file or resource on the Web. Typical URL protocols include The URL contains the name of the protocol to be used to access the file resource, a domain name that identifies a specific computer on the Internet, and a The first part of the URL is called a protocol identifier and it indicates what protocol to use, and the second part is called a resource name and it specifies the IP Oct 27, 2010 - If the browser is viewing that current page in through HTTPS, then it'll request that asset with the HTTPS protocol, otherwise it'll typically* <minor>" numbering scheme to indicate versions of the protocol. It's just like a regular URL except that you leave out the protocol prefix.A protocol is a standardized means of Feb 10, 2010 - The solution we prefer to use is to specify a Protocol Relative URL.
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